be profitable

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SOCRATES: If then virtue is a quality of the soul, and is admitted to be profitable, it must be wisdom or prudence, since none of the things of the soul are either profitable or hurtful in themselves, but they are all made profitable or hurtful by the addition of wisdom or of folly; and therefore if virtue is profitable, virtue must be a sort of wisdom or prudence?
So likely too, seeing that I affirm injustice to be profitable and justice not.
Now, I said, you are on more substantial and almost unanswerable ground; for if the injustice which you were maintaining to be profitable had been admitted by you as by others to be vice and deformity, an answer might have been given to you on received principles; but now I perceive that you will call injustice honourable and strong, and to the unjust you will attribute all the qualities which were attributed by us before to the just, seeing that you do not hesitate to rank injustice with wisdom and virtue.
If all the pupils are little ragamuffins, I'm afraid your crop won't be profitable in a worldly sense, Mr.
However, AM Best views the Medicare Supplement business to be highly competitive and commoditized, and CSO is not expected to be profitable on this block for the next several years.
Malaysia Airlines will likely be profitable by the first quarter of 2019 (1Q19), says chief executive officer, Izham Ismail.
Our mandate is to create opportunities for our members to be profitable. We have a strong directive to pursue business development and investment opportunities for our membership.
It so happens that in most cases our choices have turned out to be profitable.
While the Scull sale did indeed show that collecting new (i.e., Pop) art could be profitable, it was an isolated incident and did not in our opinion cause collectors to go off on a greedy speculative binge.
"We make sure that every move we take has to be profitable in the very short term.
Those laser eye centers with the best service and record of success continue to be profitable.