be relevant

References in classic literature ?
And that Charles's sister's tale-bearing tongue should be relevant to the building of a Yukon fire, was apparent only to Mercedes, who disburdened herself of copious opinions upon that topic, and incidentally upon a few other traits unpleasantly peculiar to her husband's family.
"I am glad of all details," remarked my friend, "whether they seem to you to be relevant or not."
I have always had this nagging wish to be relevant, and daydreaming has always been my way out of it.
One must understand this and appreciate it and say, "well, If I am relevant, let me see what I can do to continue to be relevant, and to continue to do what I believe I should be doing".
When I am 57 I still want to be relevant in popular culture and the way to be relevant within popular culture in the future is writing code," the Daily Express quoted him as telling the Daily Mirror.
was localized in a separate branch (bootstrap value 100%); this finding could be relevant to the different role of these mosquito species in virus epidemiology.
They expect professors to be energized, and the curriculum to be relevant; they are quick to recognize fluff.
These thoughts and actions will always be relevant.
Certainly weight control is important in preventing heart disease, and for those who are already lean, glycemic index may not be relevant. However, for those who are above ideal weight, there may be some advantage to consuming more foods with a low glycemic index like legumes, fruits, and vegetables.
Finally, products and publications must be relevant and user-friendly for Southern Baptists in the twenty-first century.
This factor is most likely to be relevant in rural markets.
And while Resolution 687 imposed new obligations on Iraq in regard to arms reduction and other matters, its adoption of a provision for a cease-fire that would go into effect once Iraq communicated its acceptance of the terms would seem to supersede Resolution 678, thus making it necessary for further action by the Security Council - as in the form of determining that Resolution 687, with its provision for cease-fire, is suspended in response to a material breach by Iraq before that resolution would be relevant to new enforcement measures under Chapter 7.