be remiss

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It would be remiss of me not to mention my predecessor Stephen James, with whom I have worked extremely closely over the past four years.
It would be remiss of me though not to have a look at a young talent, someone 10 years younger.
I WOULD be surprised if any tickets were left at this point, but it would be remiss of me not to mention that tomorrow, former Nicholas Chamberlain schoolboy Peter Doherty takes to the stage at Society.
Jack Clement, the studio engineer on the day four young musicians started an impromptu jam session, said to himself, "I think I'd be remiss not to record this.
There is no doubt that publishing is changing and with the new technology available we felt it would be remiss not to take advantage of what has become available to us in recent years.
HAVING arrived back in Ireland after attending the TUC Conference in Liverpool courtesy of the RMT trade union, I felt it would be remiss of me not to comment on my visit.
Id be remiss not to point out some exciting additions to our editorial lineup, including monthly "quizzes" on tricky claims scenarios--from comparative negligence to subrogation--and a virtual claims management roundtable to foster deeper collaboration amongst underwriters, litigators, SIU, risk professionals and, of course, our treasured claims managers.
WITH Remembrance Tide and Royal British Legion's 2012-13 Poppy Appeal nearly upon us, it would be remiss of me not to say a big thanK you to all those members of the general public and of course the business sector of the city of Cardiff who once again were very supportive of our 2011-12 Poppy Appeal.
We'd be remiss if we didn't inform hunters how to take care of game they take with handguns.
Trainers who complain about a lack of pre-Cheltenham opportunities would be remiss not to consider making entries at Taunton and the track deserves to be rewarded by some excellent horses.
IT really would be remiss of me not to congratulate my fellow scribe, Syd Vaughan, on completing his 4,000th published letter, a remarkable achievement by any standards.
Naming your property has a value and I think any chief executive would be remiss not to take advantage of he naming rights option or to at least consider it.