be responsible

References in classic literature ?
"Why, he must have thought it, unless he IS the downrightest fool in the world; because if he hadn't thought it, he would have wanted to own the whole dog, knowing that if he killed his half and the other half died, he would be responsible for that half just the same as if he had killed that half instead of his own.
"No, he couldn't either; he couldn't and not be responsible if the other end died, which it would.
I knew that none other could be responsible for this report which had reached the ears of Lorquas Ptomel so quickly, and now I recalled those portions of our conversation which had touched upon escape and upon my origin.
Nothing, therefore, can be wiser in that kingdom, than to annex to the king a constitutional council, who may be responsible to the nation for the advice they give.
I promised to citizens that I will be responsible for it.
The 36-year-old from Wiltshire will be responsible for all operational areas on site which means that Paul Thomas, formerly pharmaceutical services director, has taken on a new role as chief scientific officer and John Roberts, formerly commercial and manufacturing director, can now focus on the role of commercial director for Europe and the rest of the world.
Michael, 29, from Sunderland, boasts more than 10 years' working within the IT profession, and will now be responsible for managing the company's internal computer networks, maintaining and developing the latest manufacturing and production systems, and offering support to all employees based at Grange Interiors' North Shields head office.
So your landlord may actually be responsible for carrying out the repairs despite the wording of your tenancy agreement.