be responsive

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The April 27 session will be Responsive Health's first time attending the event and coincides with the company's recent entry into the New Jersey healthcare market.
"Today's OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) faces significant pressure to be responsive to business needs and to reduce costs.
"The officers of MTNA on the national level must be responsive to all of the general membership, but especially to the leadership from local, state, and division organizations.
"That process helps us be responsive to what the FDA considers clinically significant drugs," he said.
We thought we were losing students because of these yearly increases, so we all agreed: Let's be responsive to this concern on the part of students.
While cost/benefit issues will continue to be a matter of debate as implementation of AS2 rolls out, executives recognize that PCAOB did make an effort to be responsive to cost/benefit concerns voiced in response to the initial version of the standard, originally proposed in October 2003.
A basic premise of the regulatory framework is that "Governments should be responsive to the conduct of those they seek to regulate in deciding whether a more or less interventionist response is needed" (p.
Any appropriate consideration you can give to this paradoxical dilemma would be responsive and responsible on the part of the ABOto and the board-certified members it represents and can help avoid any undesirable difficulties in the future.
Thomas Keely said, "With aviation technology changing so rapidly, it is critical that Navy training be responsive to those changes and integrate them into our curriculum, labs and classrooms.
But that means a manager has to be responsive to criticism, suggests Robbins.
Offering a support network for existing social and service organizations rather than its own host of programs, San Francisco's "hub" approach may also have something to teach people around the country about how gay community centers need to be responsive to the people they hope to serve.
In an effort to be responsive to client needs, CPAs should fully understand what can go wrong with such complex transactions and take steps to minimize mistakes.