be responsive

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Thomas Keely said, "With aviation technology changing so rapidly, it is critical that Navy training be responsive to those changes and integrate them into our curriculum, labs and classrooms.
Also, he said, the city has to be responsive to the needs of the different parts of the city and work to improve the quality of life in all neighborhoods.
Those cases were basically saying that the reason there's a problem here, the reason we are still worried about voting discrimination, is not that blacks can't register and vote - they can - it's that they can register and vote without success in electing people who will be responsive to their interests.
We will be concentrating on positioning Spacenet to be responsive to these market demands by leveraging Spacenet's product portfolio and its more than 20-year heritage of quality and customer focus.
The closer (the vote) can be to an identifiable neighborhood, the more likely government is going to be responsive,'' said South Central resident Adrian Dove, a member of the Congress of Racial Equality.
Participants were confirmed by patient history to be responsive to sildenafil (Viagra(R)) and had a baseline International Index of Erectile Function - Erectile Function domain (IIEF-EF) score of between six and twenty-one.
MAIN CAMPAIGN ISSUE: I would be responsive to the input from the community on major issues.
SOUND BITE: ``I will continue to be responsive and available to the students, parents, teachers and community, and I promise my only agenda will always be what is best for the education of our students.
In today's market, it is essential to be responsive to customer needs and provide state of the art products.
The company is designing its products principally to be responsive to the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic researchers to analyze raw genomic data in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical products.
Our ability to grow at or beyond market rates is dependent upon our ability to achieve the manufacturing scale and unit volume necessary to be responsive to our broadening customer base," said Frank R.
The Internet is an amazing tool for communication, and so it stands to reason that it can also be a powerful way for elected officials to be responsive to the public.