be rewarded

See: reap
References in classic literature ?
You are a mighty Prince, but at the same time you have a kind heart, which deserves to be rewarded.
Therefore in chariot fighting, when ten or more chariots have been taken, those should be rewarded who took the first.
Lifting your game should always be rewarded and it's a wonderful life lesson to learn early.
And, oh, you'll also be rewarded with fantastic success.
If such empowered employees know that they will be rewarded for service excellence, they are motivated to deal with customers' complaints by showing respect, effort, and empathy and thus have elevated levels of service recovery performance.
I am teacher at a high school and am sick and tired of seeing undeserving pupils be rewarded with schemes that are supposed to get them back on track (even though they have never knowingly been on track) but the pupils simply take advantage of the schemes and once they have benefited go back to misbehaving, playing truant or whatever other behaviour the scheme is trying to stop.
If a senior team contributes at a high level to the success of an organization, if members endure the mantle of responsibility and accountability, if they often overlook individual goals for the greater good, then they deserve to be rewarded well.
Negative behaviors are to be discouraged rather than rewarded; positive behaviors are to be rewarded rather than discouraged.
And shouldn't staff and managers leaders be rewarded for this simplicity?