be ruined

See: lose, perish
References in classic literature ?
It was not many weeks after this before I was about the house again, and began to grow well; but I continued melancholy, silent, dull, and retired, which amazed the whole family, except he that knew the reason of it; yet it was a great while before he took any notice of it, and I, as backward to speak as he, carried respectfully to him, but never offered to speak a word to him that was particular of any kind whatsoever; and this continued for sixteen or seventeen weeks; so that, as I expected every day to be dismissed the family, on account of what distaste they had taken another way, in which I had no guilt, so I expected to hear no more of this gentleman, after all his solemn vows and protestations, but to be ruined and abandoned.
Tourism is our hope for the future of Glyncorrwg, we do not want the area to be ruined by this horrendous wind farm.
We cannot allow the lives of any Wearsiders to be ruined by vandals and anti-social crime, so I am glad we have been chosen to take part in this scheme and I hope it has a great impact.
Here for the first time was a gay psychiatrist telling his colleagues why his career would be ruined if people knew he was gay.