be scared

See: fear
References in classic literature ?
"Would you be scared to go down the Corbury road with me on a night like this?" he asked.
"Well, I won't hurt you, so don't be scared any more.
"The Chiss is cowardly, I'm sure, and if it ever heard my awful, terrible, frightful growl, it would be scared stiff."
Hullo, Matey, don't be scared. You can come back now.
AZENA SAYS: Phillipa, there is no need to be scared of colour...simply use it sparingly and then accessorise to match.
Then you'll not be scared and your mum can enjoy her break without worrying what you are getting up to.
Consider telling your dad (when he's in a good mood) that you want to love him, not be scared of him.
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