be selfish

References in classic literature ?
He ought not to be selfish, but he will continue to be selfish as long as he lives in a social system that is based on pig-ethics.
I know that people who spend a great deal of money on themselves without knowing how they shall pay, must be selfish.
I cannot understand why somebody like Sarah Brown would want to Twitter total strangers saying 'I am now going into Boots"' Actress Maureen Lipman, below "I am happy to be selfish now.
Jenni explains: "The answer is simply to be selfish and take some time out, after 21 years of running around after the family, pets, supermarket and the house, women have earned it.
ROY KEANE has warned England not to be selfish over Wayne Rooney by trying to rush him back to play in the World Cup Finals.
Sometimes, people feel that putting self first is a bad thing, but there is a time to be selfish," insists Milligan, who divorced her husband after he failed to be supportive of her career change.
Obviously people can be selfish, but I think that grace inspires us to be loving, too.
We alcoholics and addicts tend to be selfish and self-centered before we enter true recovery, which involves a spiritual awakening and change in attitude.
I've got to be selfish even with a half-chance, but I'm also a team man.
Our genes may instruct us to be selfish, but we are not necessarily compelled to obey them all our lives.
It is my overwhelming experience that middle-aged persons are the ones inclined to be selfish and aggressive.
My mum says she has spent years on her own bringing me and my brother up and now it's her time, so I just have to accept it and not be selfish.