be servile

See: pander
References in classic literature ?
Whether they be servile before Gods and divine spurnings, or before men and stupid human opinions: at ALL kinds of slaves doth it spit, this blessed selfishness!
The impeachment procedure won't be successful because MPs continue to be servile and give client-services to their management.
The state is more and more looked like nuisance that only requires the obligations to be fulfilled, one to be servile and punished for banal things while the citizen does not feel any benefit from his/her servility and faces an expensive and inefficient state administration, Zivanovski comments.
Should, however, a woman knit a stocking simply to get the knitting done, this would be servile work, but would be mortally sinful only after three hours.
These briefly say that women should be servile to their husbands and do exactly as they say.