be settled

See: dwell, reside
References in classic literature ?
It must be very agreeable for her to be settled within so easy a distance of her own family and friends.
I do not mean to say that a woman may not be settled too near her family.
This thing's got to be settled between us, and it may as well be settled right here and now.
I wish everything else might be settled as satisfactorily.
The preparations for the departure to the shooting-cottage were just completed; and the one question that remained to be settled was, whether Sir Patrick could accompany the party--when the man-servant appeared with the message from his mistress.
John Dashwood said nothing; but her husband civilly hoped that she would not be settled far from Norland.
M r Micawber returned to the King's Bench when his case was over, as some fees were to be settled, and some formalities observed, before he could be actually released.