be severed

See: part, separate
References in classic literature ?
That union can only be severed by a crime, and a crime of that nature brings its own chastisement.
You saw," he muttered, "and if you tell them, He Who Speaks for Luata will have my wings severed while still I live and my head will be severed and I shall be cast into the River of Death, for thus it happens even to the highest who slay one of the red robe.
I have unfolded to you a complication of dangers to which you would be exposed, should you permit that sacred knot which binds the people of America together be severed or dissolved by ambition or by avarice, by jealousy or by misrepresentation.
But to be severed from him by the murderous hand of a man, was more than Emily's fervent nature could passively endure.
She said that not only progress toward peace initiated by Fatah could be undermined, but that funding to nongovernmental service organizations could be severed with dire consequences throughout the region.
A joint tenancy can be severed so that it becomes a tenancy in common, and this is often done in later years to minimise Inheritance Tax liability.
By contrast, the Cold War-era ties which bind the Atlantic world together will be severed because of the vast divide separating "European and American civilizations.
For example, if a taxpayer creates a trust for his five children and one child dies, the regulations do not allow the trust to be severed so that a GST tax exemption can be allocated to the one-fifth of the trust that will primarily benefit the deceased child's children.
Both the existing and the proposed long-term contract regulations provide that one contract generally will not be severed into separate contracts unless (1) the contract provides for separate deliveries or acceptances of portions of the subject matter of the contract or (2) there is no business purpose for entering into one contract rather than several.
The contract should be severed and treated as it the contract to build each house were a separte contract for purposes of applying the long-term contract method.
The ligament, which is 75 percent torn, will be severed completely in a procedure performed by Dr.
Her head appeared to be severed and to fall into a basket, but then she stood up unharmed.