be situated

See: dwell, reside
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A team from the charity will also be situated throughout the week by the course's north entrance where there will be a helicopter simulator pod, merchandise for sale and the charity's exhibition unit demonstrating its vital work.
The structure which is to be situated in the Swiss Alps, is expected to be completed in 2019.
The Llangewydd Arms is the first pub to be situated on the Broadlands estate in Bridgend.
The residence, Sterling Glen of Roslyn, will be situated on 11 acres overlooking Hempstead Harbor, adjacent to the Roslyn downtown historic district.
a) the place of supply of services, which under this Article would be situated within the territory of the country, as being situated outside the Community where the effective use and enjoyment of the services take place outside the Community; and
The cortical regulation, however, seems to be situated in the dominant hemisphere, as a unilateral lesion can lead to abnormal laryngeal function.