be strong

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We said that, in order to be strong, we must not fight one another, and we made a law that when a man killed another him would the tribe kill.
Therefore, Agamemnon, though you be strong, take not this girl away, for the sons of the Achaeans have already given her to Achilles; and you, Achilles, strive not further with the king, for no man who by the grace of Jove wields a sceptre has like honour with Agamemnon.
Aunt Myra says I have no constitution, and never shall be strong," observed Rose, in a pensive tone, as if it was rather a nice thing to be an invalid.
People always tell me that I am strong and inspiring, but can I be strong when I cry every day?
I try to be strong in my head, I had a lot of support from my family and friends and it is nice that things are starting to change and people are starting to believe in me more now.
Their team spirit will be as high as it can be and their confidence will be strong.