be successful

References in classic literature ?
I believe also that he will be successful who directs his actions according to the spirit of the times, and that he whose actions do not accord with the times will not be successful.
Again, if the dart be successful, then at the second critical instant, that is, when the whale starts to run, the boat-header and harpooneer likewise start to running fore and aft, to the imminent jeopardy of themselves and every one else.
Profit-sharing could be successful only in isolated cases in the midst of a system of industrial strife; for if all labor and all capital shared profits, the same conditions would obtain as did obtain when there was no profit- sharing.
The position, as you know, is a distinguished one, and if you should be successful, your future career should be assured.
The operation, to be successful, required to be conducted with great rapidity.
I can lock myself away, discipline myself and do what I need to do to be successful.
Best believes that AWAC's transition will be successful, it does present a level of execution risk until fully completed.
Our chief executive Tom Fox has informed me that the club would like your permission to keep the letter on file 'just in case' although I'm hoping I will be successful at this great football club.
The Employee of the Year Award makes me feel that I can continue to work and be successful.
Therefore, I must be successful because I behave this way.
Champions cannot be expected to be successful if their country is not behind them.