be sufficient

References in classic literature ?
I had a letter from a lawyer a few months back, asking me if I knew what had become of him, which I answered to the best of my ability at the time.
I have described to you everything to the best of my ability.
She always thought kindly of ME, poor soul," I said; "and, to the best of my ability, I always tried to act kindly by HER.
Here is the result presented to the best of my ability.
I am here to serve you professionally or as a friend, to the best of my ability.
It was my turn to be cheerful, and I played the part to the best of my ability, and with such success that I brought the laughter back into her dear eyes and song on her lips; for she sang to me before she went to an early bed.
It's clear that prevention will never be sufficient.
This will be sufficient to support anticipated growth in the business over the period.
It is anticipated that this will be sufficient to withstand potential earnings volatility owing to the company's relatively high exposure to equities (26% of total assets as at year-end 2005).
Cash flows from the pool of assets should be sufficient to fund the interest and principal payments associated with the obligations.
Best believes that the Club's decision to make additional calls on the 2004-2006 policy years and other actions planned in advance of the 2010 deadline for Solvency 2 are likely to be sufficient to maintain the Club's risk-adjusted capitalisation at an excellent level.
Best believes that the absolute level of capital and surplus will be sufficient to absorb the significant forecasted growth in net premiums written of approximately 45% at year-end 2006, largely due to QGIR's new business, particularly in respect to energy and motor portfolios.