be suspicious

See: doubt, suspect
References in classic literature ?
I hate to be suspicious, and, thank heaven, I have no cause to be, for I can trust my men, present or absent; but there are mean scoundrels, wicked enough to rob a dumb beast of his food.
After all, at times, to be suspicious may work wonders for us.
An outbreak might be suspicious because epidemiologic features suggest an unnatural origin.
An outbreak caused by a strain last seen many years ago could be suspicious (7,10).
Seminole County Commissioner Daryl McLain told the Orlando Sentinel he had good reason to be suspicious of the group's motives: One of his opponents in the Sept.
Since the disaster, I've received tons of sympathy and tons of advice: * Be suspicious of every attachment.
One should always be suspicious of so-called cutting-edge works of art which could actually have been created any time within the pat seventy-five years.
Know Your Customer" procedures, which are applied to all facets of a banking operation, allow the organization to identify its customers and the transactions that they conduct on a regular basis, be alert to transactions that may be irregular or abnormal for a particular customer, determine whether there is an apparent valid or lawful purpose for the transactions, and report to the appropriate authorities those transactions that appear to be suspicious or criminal in nature.