be sustained

See: subsist
References in classic literature ?
So long as single warriors came against him, he was to be left to the keeping of the Wahcondah and his own arm; but should the Siouxes attack him in numbers, he was to be sustained, man for man, even to the extent of his whole force.
Only through recombination between strains and acquisition of human-specific respiratory epithelium receptors (thereby increasing [[beta].sub.22]) could the virus evolve sufficient transmissibility to be sustained in the human population, which poses the greatest risk for pandemics (33).
Therefore, regular, high exposure to the pathogen from the reservoir can give the appearance of endemic infection, even if the pathogen cannot be sustained within the population (case 2: apparent multihost dynamics).
some for the first time." Can freedom be sustained by a handful of troops cheered on by a nation of spectators?
There are a number of factors which suggest the Japanese upturn should be sustained. First, the growth rate of the United States and China is likely to remain at high levels through 2005.
It is an attempt to define and implement a system that can be sustained in the short and long term.
It seems to me that being able to sustain a level of effort should be based on how long (time) not how far (distance) the effort can be sustained.
"For 2001, the key question is whether the firming will be sustained."
Chile is a country with an economic model that works well and it should be sustained. It's a privilege that we do not have to argue about how to lower inflation.
Levinas, on the other hand, proclaimed a radical transcendence that, as I hinted earlier, could not be sustained. A historical precedent for the death of God is the old Patripassian heresy, the idea that the Father emptied himself into the Son.
Meanwhile, it became increasingly clear to many observers during the autumn that the prevailing level of Mexico's exchange rate could not be sustained short of a significant further tightening of monetary policy.
The expansion nationally should continue to boost demand for pulp and paper products through 1993, and steady growth in food processing should be sustained.