be sustained

See: subsist
References in classic literature ?
I began to feel that my abhorrence for Strickland could only be sustained by an effort on my part.
That degree of excitement which would entitle a poem to be so called at all, cannot be sustained throughout a composition of any great length.
The consumption of these articles would necessarily, little by little, diminish the weight to be sustained, for it must be remembered that the equilibrium of a balloon floating in the atmosphere is extremely sensitive.
It seems to me that being able to sustain a level of effort should be based on how long (time) not how far (distance) the effort can be sustained.
Regardless of any individual runner's fitness and speed, the percentage of maximum heart rate that can be sustained over a given distance is lower the longer the distance.
However, excellent gross performance will continue to be sustained by the highly profitable nature of the niche lines underwritten.
Best believes that INGLK's growth will be sustained as it has a balanced insurance portfolio.
In addition, pressure on profitability will be short-lived as high growth can only be sustained by strong capital or future profit.
Best expects NAC Re's interest coverage and profitability to be sustained as a result of its facultative and specialty growth initiatives, its well-balanced treaty book, favorable loss reserve development, and absence of asbestos and environmental liabilities and earnings drag.
22]) could the virus evolve sufficient transmissibility to be sustained in the human population, which poses the greatest risk for pandemics (33).
Therefore, regular, high exposure to the pathogen from the reservoir can give the appearance of endemic infection, even if the pathogen cannot be sustained within the population (case 2: apparent multihost dynamics).