be tenacious

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Therefore, my personal journey of improving my teaching has largely revolved around learning how to be tenacious with all my students.
To be tenacious, a teacher must also have a clear vision of proper technique and positioning, both with technical exercises and passages from student repertoire: develop firm ideas on how a "piano hand" should look and be formed and acquire the needed benches, pads and footstools to make great positioning possible for all sizes of students.
Anne will serve as the first spokeswoman for the Be TENAcious campaign, sharing her unique views and experiences on overcoming personal and professional challenges including bladder control issues.
That is why I am excited to join with TENA and am so passionate about helping motivate and inspire the millions of women facing the same condition to not let it deter them from achieving their goals," said Be TENAcious spokeswoman, Anne Abernathy.
Therefore, if you engage me in conversation on certain subjects, I am likely to be tenacious and ferocious.