be thwarted

See: lose
References in classic literature ?
If he overheard our plans to rescue Dejah Thoris, it will mean civil war, for he will attempt to thwart us, and in that I will not be thwarted.
Tarzan, not to be thwarted in any such manner as this, pursued them, and after a brief chase caught up with a young warrior.
I was also pleased you found an efficient method of ensuring keen readers like myself and my 84-year-old father-in-law, a former executive with Robertson's Jam, were not to be thwarted by the postal strike last week.
Thieves in a Cardiff community could soon be thwarted following calls to block alleyway escape routes.
Anything that intelligent people in the government put into place can be thwarted by determined, equally intelligent radical nuts.
With the ingenuity of determined invalids, one continues trying to kill the other, always to be thwarted by an unflappable nurse and their ward mate, an angry Welsh arsonist burned in his efforts to destroy English vacation houses in his homeland.