be uncooperative

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French tax law applies some of its harshest rates on investors from countries deemed to be uncooperative, reports Caribbean News Now (Aug.
While we do not ordinarily comment on market rumors, several news reports have incorrectly indicated that York Capital is involved in the Greek Government bond negotiations and plans to be uncooperative in some manner.
While he was in custody, police tried to obtain two further specimens for analysis, but Griffiths was said to be uncooperative.
Murray's suggestion that the Case Manager meet directly with the CEP taxpayers that are deemed to be uncooperative.
Should the agent be uncooperative or overly aggressive in this regard, the CPA should consider contacting the agent's supervisor or group manager to resolve the issue.
The big-boned, 6-foot-4-inch Spock said he never meant that children should be allowed to be uncooperative or impolite.
Some people think these girls are all going to be uncooperative,'' McCracken said.