be unfaithful

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They are prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to the suggestion that someone who is unfaithful to his wife will also be unfaithful to his country.
Tokyo (AFP) - You can't hide your lying eyes: scientists have revealed that women can judge whether a man is likely to be unfaithful just by looking at his face but men are less able to spot a cheating woman.
Most men tend to be unfaithful because they think they can get away with it.
Manila A committee of the House of Representatives has approved a Bill that imposes equal punishment for married men and women who are found to be unfaithful to their espouses.
And men were more than twice as likely to be unfaithful as women.
Keep away from situations where you'll be tempted to be unfaithful in reality.
I do seem to be unfaithful and not regard it as any kind of sin" - Janet Street-Porter, the broadcasting pundit.
Ninety-two per cent of people in Wales who are in relationships think it is more acceptable to be unfaithful to a partner today than it was 20 years ago.
Many might be unfaithful because they're not in a committed relationship."
But is the fetish an excuse to be unfaithful? You don't 'have to' sleep with anyone but if you want a loving relationship you might want to discuss it with your girlfriend and let her decide if she still wants to be with you.
Men are slightly more likely to be unfaithful with their cards, according to the poll, with Londoners the worst culprits and East Anglians the least.
I have told him I am not happy about it in view of his past record, but he assures me he loves me very much and won't be unfaithful.