be unpalatable

See: repel
References in classic literature ?
It is no small part of our art, sir,” and he now spoke with the confidence of a man who understood his subject, “to reconcile the patient to what is for his own good, though at the same time it may be unpalatable.
Neil McEvoy, who is challenging health minister Mark Drakeford in Cardiff West, said it would be unpalatable to him for his party to prop up another Carwyn Jones administration should Labour fall short of an overall majority.
But, whatever your views, watch out for an outburst of organobabble near you and remember: even if what you have to say may appear to be unpalatable, the human mind is infinitely capable of coming up with something far worse.
That means being bold enough to debate whether solutions, until now felt to be unpalatable or socially unacceptable, are meaningful solutions that can make a difference.
The golliwog's links with slavery and racial prejudice may prove to be unpalatable and uncomfortable to some, though I c stand by my every word.
If an item is generally accepted to be unpalatable if sampled cold, then it would indicate a standard rating.
Although it may be unpalatable for us to accept ships such as the Sellafield plutonium carriers Pacific Pintail and Pacific Teal, the rights of mariners must be protected.