be unwilling

References in classic literature ?
I tell you," said Camilla, "there is nothing to take care of except to answer me what I shall ask you;" for she did not wish to explain to him beforehand what she meant to do, fearing lest he should be unwilling to follow out an idea which seemed to her such a good one, and should try or devise some other less practicable plan.
Rigidity in students that makes them hold onto previously learned instructions or be unwilling to change their habits.
But they are believed to be unwilling to pay big money for a player who will be a free agent in the summer.
Many consumers seem to be unwilling to deal with future needs: Half of the respondents agreed with the statement, "Longterm care is something I won't need until I am older, and I don't want to think about it now.
Though they might be unwilling to be associated with the beer swillers and the screamers on Stateville's front lawn, their smug responses would fit well onto one of the signs that supporters of the death penalty are waving outside.