be victorious

References in classic literature ?
New species are formed by new varieties arising, which have some advantage over older forms; and those forms, which are already dominant, or have some advantage over the other forms in their own country, would naturally oftenest give rise to new varieties or incipient species; for these latter must be victorious in a still higher degree in order to be preserved and to survive.
If two great regions had been for a long period favourably circumstanced in an equal degree, whenever their inhabitants met, the battle would be prolonged and severe; and some from one birthplace and some from the other might be victorious.
His object was, however, to be victorious, and not to win money.
How can we live authentically knowing that as far as we are concerned thanatos will be victorious over eros?
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes Iran will be victorious in its nuclear row with the West because he is "in relation with God," while President Bush is inspired by Satan.
History will not forgive revolutionaries who wait until they can be victorious and risk losing everything.
As for entering a handsome hunk competition I would consider it to be lowering my standards to compete in a contest in which I would certainly be victorious, thereby causing humiliation and jealousy amongst a vainglorious bunch of also-ran mere mortals.
The HMO, to be victorious, must achieve maximum cost savings under its Medicare Risk Contract.