be vigilant

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I will be interested to hear from Mr Cotter regarding whether there has been an increasing trend in these Hanoi-style burglaries and I would appeal to people to be vigilant and on their guard.
Ejercito also urged people to be vigilant against possible abuses and to cooperate with authorities.
The Union Minister issued a statement urging the parents and teachers to be vigilant and keep an eye on their children and students.
Paula Fullam, who lives in Great Sutton, Wirral, took to Facebook to warn people to be vigilant after her daughter, Laura, opened the door to a woman claiming to be from the pet charity.
KARACHI -- Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah directed the city administration to be vigilant and active to keep the city clean.
A DOG walker who claims she was "watched suspiciously" and followed by two men is warning people to be vigilant when walking alone.
Either way, it's not a one-off job - you'll have to be vigilant for new growth to keep the problem under control.
Farmers' Union of Wales, senior policy officer Dr Hazel Wright said: "We are advising members to be vigilant and consult their veterinarian surgeon should they have concerns about their poultry being infected with avian influenza.
We want to remind people in the area to be vigilant and to ensure properties are secure.
I am sure he is aware that Israel shares a border with Syria and while the Israelis appear to be vigilant in that regard, trouble could escalate into their country, as has happened with Syrians attempting to escape to Lebanon and meeting an untimely death.
Police patrol officers are stopping and talking to lorries parked up in dual carriageways lay by to urge them to be vigilant.
Yes, we are linking the grenade attack to the threats that have been issued by Shebab and that is why I am appealing to city residents to be vigilant and cooperate with our officers," Antony Kibuchi, provincial police chief for Nairobi, said.