be watchful

See: care, concern
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The President also asked soldiers and police officers to be watchful and to take precautions and learn to spot suspicious men.
Department of Meteorology advised people to be watchful of the heat as the maximum heat index in some areas has increased.
Eubank said: "George is in deep water and Junior is a shark and the referee just needs to be watchful of both men.
This award will be by nomination, so if you know of an excellent young writer, please be watchful for the call for submissions.
In regard to the World Bank's warning that although Macedonia's public debt is under the Southeast European average, the authorities should still be watchful, Stavreski reassures that the country will remain in the group of moderately indebted countries.
We are a group who purports to be aware of the right of older people to be autonomous, as laid down in the NZNO Code of Ethics, and a group who, therefore, should be watchful for paternalistic attitudes creeping into discussions about aged-care issues.
Worshippers were asked not to come to church with handbags and to be watchful of strangers.
The teacher should be watchful from the moment the young student stands facing the barre for the first time that the hips are square (not tilted) and the spine is in a neutral position.
'(I am) urging local chiefs executives to instruct their police chiefs to be vigilant, to be watchful, to conduct patrol just to check also situations in their respective areas,' he added.
'Be watchful,' he says, 'stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong.