be willing

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The young fellow I mentioned, who is one of the most intimate acquaintances I have in the world, is so angry with her for some ill offices she hath since done him, that I am sure he would, without any difficulty, give you a sight of her letters; upon which you may decently break with her; and declare off before the knot is tyed, if she should really be willing to tie it, which I am convinced she will not.
would be willing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un without
London, Aug 24 (ANI): Brad Pitt said he would be willing to consider a 'death penalty' for all those responsible for the Gulf oil spill catastrophe.
Faculty who reported greater scores on the Resource Constraints factor were less likely to be willing to provide major accommodations (r = -.
Females were more likely than males to be willing to provide exam accommodations (p < .
For example, faculty within CTI had greater scores on willingness to provide exam accommodations, and were more likely to be willing to provide teaching accommodations than were faculty in other colleges.
We must put our money where our mouth is and be willing to pay taxes to support children who are not being cared for by their parents--no matter what the reason.
citizenship, would you be willing to leave the country to stay together?