be without

See: lack, lose
References in classic literature ?
Your portrait, to any one who loved you, would, for the sake of association, be without price.
Better to be without logic than without feeling," retorted Frances, who was now passing backwards and forwards from her cupboard to the table, intent, if not on hospitable thoughts, at least on hospitable deeds, for she was laying the cloth, and putting plates, knives and forks thereon.
He bowed on her hand, absolutely like Sir Charles Grandison on that of Harriet Byron; adding--"Death from such fingers would not be without charms.
Not even the surprise revelation that the 67th-ranked Whites will be without their talisman Omar Abdul Rahman, who is suspended, could stir any optimism from Alcantara, whose side lie bottom of the Asian zone Group A with two points from five matches.
The home side though will be without captain Gareth Murphy who has started a three-month ban and Simon Colligan has returned to Gateshead.
Among those missing today are Tommy Graham, Ross Hamilton, Colin McKinnon and Keith Wright, while Alloa will be without the suspended Derek Clark and Frank Conway (shoulder injury).