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BEACH. The sea shore. (q. v.)

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He was going to find Sea Cow, if there was such a person in the sea, and he was going to find a quiet island with good firm beaches for seals to live on, where men could not get at them.
I am the last of the Lost Rookery of Masafuera, and in the days when men killed us by the hundred thousand there was a story on the beaches that some day a white seal would come out of the North and lead the seal people to a quiet place.
And Kotick curled up his mustache (it was a beauty) and said, "I am the only white seal that has ever been born on the beaches, and I am the only seal, black or white, who ever thought of looking for new islands.
The sea cows had separated and were browsing lazily along the edges of the finest beaches that Kotick had ever seen.
The first thing he did was to assure himself that the fishing was good, and then he swam along the beaches and counted up the delightful low sandy islands half hidden in the beautiful rolling fog.
There was a murmur like the ripple of the tide all up and down the beaches.
But next spring, when they all met off the fishing banks of the Pacific, Kotick's seals told such tales of the new beaches beyond Sea Cow's tunnel that more and more seals left Novastoshnah.
If one leaves Meringe Lagoon, on Ysabel, and steers a course due north, magnetic, at the end of one hundred and fifty miles he will lift the pounded coral beaches of Lord Howe above the sea.
Lord Howe has been populated by the westward Polynesian drift which continues to this day, big outrigger canoes being washed upon its beaches by the southeast trade.
Dangerous amounts of bacteria from unknown sources and sewage spills kept beaches in the county closed or under advisory more than 2,200 cumulative days in 2005, the worst in the state for the third consecutive year and the highest in six years.
The researchers conducted health surveys of beachgoers at two public beaches, one on Lake Michigan and one on Lake Erie, and compared them with thrice-daily water quality measurements along transects at the beaches.