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BEACH. The sea shore. (q. v.)

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El Nido in Palawan, southwest of Luzon Island in the Philippines, joins the world's best beaches, here listed according to rank:
In Korea, where the population is dense, major beaches are crowded with up to 1 million vacationers a day at peak times.
Dangerous amounts of bacteria from unknown sources and sewage spills kept beaches in the county closed or under advisory more than 2,200 cumulative days in 2005, the worst in the state for the third consecutive year and the highest in six years.
The researchers conducted health surveys of beachgoers at two public beaches, one on Lake Michigan and one on Lake Erie, and compared them with thrice-daily water quality measurements along transects at the beaches.
During the summer, the island's population more than doubles as many seasonal residents move back into their summer cottages and the tourists visit the quiet villages and beaches, Fisher says.
Even as millions of vacationers summer on the shore, beaches are under constant attack, not from menacing sharks but from floating slicks of garbage, raw sewage, oil spills, fecal bacteria, toxic algal blooms, bacterial outbreaks, even unexploded military ordnance.
The Exxon Valdez oil spill, which fouled Alaskan waters on March 24, 1989, provided the first major test of whether hydrocarbon-eating aquatic microbes can help clean oilstained beaches.
The City selected local public relations firm, The Treister Murry Agency, and branding agency, Cre8tiv Juice Group, last summer to develop a campaign that focuses on establishing Miami Beach as a city that competes in the world marketplace with its cuisine, cultural offerings, business opportunities, high-end shopping and recreational amenities that extend beyond its beautiful beaches.
1 -- color) When the temperature rises, people from all over Southern California find relief at Huntington Beach, one of the world's most famous beaches.
from Ocean City, New Jersey, to Oceanside, Oregon, sandy beaches are simply washing out to sea.
For humans, the crowding of once-pristine North American beaches seems merely a nuisance.