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The Jackal winced, though he was full three seasons old, but you cannot resent an insult from a person with a beak a yard long, and the power of driving it like a javelin.
All are very good eating," said the Adjutant, clattering his beak.
I was young then," said the Adjutant, clattering his beak significantly.
No one is all happy from his beak to his tail," said the Adjutant sympathetically.
Look at him perched on that branch wonderin' where it'd be best to put that twig he's got in his beak.
And though the robin did not answer, because his beak was occupied, Mary knew that when he flew away with his twig to his own corner of the garden the darkness of his dew-bright eye meant that he would not tell their secret for the world.
But above, perched each upon its own stone, tall, gray, and withered, more like dead and dried specimens than actual living creatures, sat the horrible males, absolutely motionless save for the rolling of their red eyes or an occasional snap of their rat-trap beaks as a dragon-fly went past them.
The effects of beak trimming on feeding and pecking behaviour of pullets were analysed using an analysis of variance procedure (using Base-SAS[R] software, 1988) for each age group separately.
Specifically, use of these convenient seed dispensers may be leading to lengthier beaks in great tits.
But luckily, only his beak was trapped and, after a "warm" in an RSPCA van, he was able to fly away to freedom.
It was fun to pretend to be a hungry bird, and see how well a bird's beak works to get the food she needs.
A group of teens had attacked her, hacking off part of her beak.