bear away

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Soon a member of Blackpool's security staff led the bear away from the area behind the goal.
But I know that if I gave the bear away I'd feel rather sad.
Police drove the bear away and the boy was returned unharmed to his parents, members of a nomadic tribe.
Mike then heard a voice shooing the bear away and tried to explain that they were filming and could he please be quite.
really wants to die in the electric chair, so he can bear away the sins of the white men who throw the switch.
10:45 p.m.: Holden Road, a black bear is near bird feeder in the yard, no family pets are outside; caller was instructed to use lights and noise to frighten the bear away and to take down the bird feeder tomorrow.
Witnesses told the Jury that Two True at the time had luffed to avoid a collision with She's the Culprit after she (Two True) had been forced to bear away when the spinnaker of Kioni, the windward boat, had fallen across the stern area of True Blue while being dropped.
Chairman John Pither and his team have shifted Northern Bear away from the troubled housebuilding sector to become more of a support services business and that strategy appears to be paying off.
The beekeeper from Macedonia told the court he tried playing music to keep the bear away and even bought a generator to light up the area.
The couple tried to scare the bear away by yelling at it, but that didn't work.
One of the team was forced to fire five shots before managing to scare a bear away. You shoot close to its feet and above its head.