bear fruit

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The Waldorf Principle, inspired by Boldt, says that selfless service will always bear fruit and will someday return to benefit you.
We will not bear fruit if we cut ourselves from the Church.
BEIRUT: Former President Michel Sleiman stressed Thursday that terrorist threats would not be able to bear fruit in Lebanon regardless of whether presidential and parliamentary elections fail to take place.
The diverse young lawyers in our midst are, in many ways, like my dad's fruit trees--full of promise and poised to bear fruit.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed hope Monday that the Afghan government's efforts at reconciliation with the Taliban would bear fruit but vowed to fight those elements of the Taliban who do not accept reconciliation.
We have learned heavy lessons along the way, but all that hard work is starting to bear fruit.
LEEDS moved off the bottom of the Guinness Premiership by denying Saracens a sniff of a try - and director of rugby Andy Key feels his side's hard work is about to bear fruit.
president said on Monday that Turkish-Armenian negotiations could bear fruit.
Mark Gjonbalaj also secured the buyer, Queens Plaza Investors, LLC, who intends to utilize a buy and hold strategy that will likely yield big dividends in the near future as the many developments in Long Island City begin to bear fruit.
Tony Leeson, of Heol Miaren, Barry, was astonished when he looked at one of his banana trees in his back garden and saw they had begun to bear fruit.
Malaysia Airlines suffers heavy losses but says turnaround plan is beginning to bear fruit.