bear heavily

See: weigh
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I was now about twelve years old, and the thought of being ~a slave for life~ began to bear heavily upon my heart.
Raoul saw him bear heavily upon the wall, just as he had pressed against the wall in Christine's dressing-room.
Our inaction will bear heavily on those who have shed their blood to attain liberty.
He said the adverse results of Duterte's broken promises would soon bear heavily upon him.
It's on the cards that the split on Merkel's immigration policy will bear heavily on the outcome of the popular vote.
SHANE CAREY insists the weight of history doesn't bear heavily on Scotstown's shoulders.
Prof Fisher added: "Rituals and traditions bear heavily on what carries status in educational circles, and especially so when it comes to examinations, but being open to change is how progress is made in education, as in other fields.
She said the TRO issued by the CA, in effect, was delaying and interfering with the ongoing administrative cases against Binay "and worse, compromise the pending proceedings by granting him continued access to evidence and witnesses that bear heavily on the resolution of his case.
Petitioners contended that the documents produced from discovery in the Grafton litigation raise the question of whether there are other agreements or documents related to the Upton facility that have not yet been identified or submitted into evidence and that could bear heavily on whether the activities at the Upton Facility constitute "transportation by a rail carrier.
China's growth will bear heavily on global oil demand and specifically the amount imported from the GCC.
official Olof Skouje that the Syrian tragedy is coming to bear heavily on the Lebanese domestic scene and that the Europeans shall commit to the security of the common border with Syria.