bear pain

See: endure, suffer
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Don't shrink on that account from giving me pain: I can bear pain. Friend and brother!
Our concern aggravates, when we put our hopes in someone, who appears different from the dynasties that have run Pakistan in the past someone, who desires a return to civilized norms; wants us to become honest citizens; inculcates patience and fortitude (through self-example) and above all cannot succeed unless we are willing to sacrifice and bear pain, so that we may 'rise from the ashes'.
NNA - UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, urged Syrians, loyalists to the regime and oppositionists, to start negotiations as it's time to put terms to the Syrian crisis in a peaceful way, and as the country and its people can no more bear pain and suffering.
I will have patience, will bear pain and pass this test with 100 per cent marks like I did in school."
A life of calm endurance, Bear pain as it's your own, Don't be deceived, because all you'll leave, Is an epitaph on stone.
As elsewhere in South Asia, here too, the endurance to sustain and bear pain is taken as the strength in women.
(Conversely, to bear pain without complaint denotes strength of character.)
To a query, he said that he has been successful as he knew how to bear pain.
"On both sides of the Atlantic, we see this strange kind of the same political economy trying to work out who is responsible; who should jump first; who should bear the pain on any of the solutions, knowing that someone has to bear pain somewhere," he said.
"The person needs to be able to bear pain, because the stings are extremely painful."
For example, in chapter three she points out doctors' willingness to administer it often depended on pre-conceived ideas and biases about the ability of different types of people to bear pain. Reflecting the widespread beliefs of the time, physicians typically assumed certain people, such as men, members of the lower classes, and "lower races," had higher pain thresholds and therefore treated them without anesthesia (6366).
A testimony of the human spirit's ability to bear pain and even the respect and love he can feel for his sworn enemy, Captured is gripping stuff.