bear the cost of

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This amusement lasted from the Barriere des Sergens to the place of Notre Dame, and Friquet found in it very real enjoyment; but when at last the regiment separated, penetrated the heart of the city and placed itself at the extremity of the Rue Saint Christophe, near the Rue Cocatrix, in which Broussel lived, then Friquet remembered that he had not had breakfast; and after thinking in which direction he had better turn his steps in order to accomplish this important act of the day, he reflected deeply and decided that Councillor Broussel should bear the cost of this repast.
Bear the cost of such health insurance coverage rather than making the beneficiaries bear such costs.
Due to a lack of economic liquidity, haj firms serving local pilgrims are finding it hard to bear the cost of setting up new electricity meters in Mina.
Haj companies serving domestic pilgrims are finding it difficult to bear the cost of installing new electricity meters in Mina due to a lack of financial liquidity.
The LDA will directly bear the cost of its construction.
The Supreme Council for Vocational Training will bear the cost of the salary subsidy and vocational training for 24 months.
If the government can bear the cost of medical treatment for terrorists and anti-government thugs, it can certainly do it for loyal, peace-loving citizens.
However, the public transporters are not happy with the idea of following the official colour code, said the sources, adding they are not ready to bear the cost of repainting their vehicles.
Recruiting agency bosses said they were the biggest losers in the present scenario, as they bear the cost of bringing the maid into the country, are held responsible if the maid escapes from the sponsor's house and also sued if the maid alleges ill-treatment.
Abdul Hadi said the NS Department would not bear the cost of such initiatives if there were less than 15 Sikh trainees in the camp.
It is part of an increasing trend for cinemas to show live performances without opera lovers having to bear the cost of a trip abroad, and an easy option for those wanting to try a live opera performance for the first time.
The companies will bear the cost of the increase," Murad said.