bear the expense

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Neither were their common meals at first well established: for these should rather have been provided at the public expense, as at Crete, where, as at Lacedaemon, every one was obliged to buy his portion, although he might be very poor, and could by no means bear the expense, by which means the contrary happened to what the legislator desired: for he intended that those public meals should strengthen the democratic part of his government: but this regulation had quite the contrary effect, for those who were very poor could not take part in them; and it was an observation of their forefathers, that the not allowing those who could not contribute their proportion to the common tables to partake of them, would be the ruin of the state.
Rather say, my child, that it was in consideration to his children that he did so," observed Miss Emmerson; "his finances would not bear the expense, and suffer him to provide for his family after his death.
Moreover, the 49 youth, 20 of whom are involved in rice value chain and 29 in cassava production, will bear the expense of meeting the operational and maintenance expense and also pay 50% of the expense of the machine as significant part of their cost share arrangement.
The government will bear the expense of treatment of the injured people and give 50,000 Rupees to them" he said.
A bench observed that the state government should bear the expense for bringing the twins to Delhi for treatment.
Until then, our clients, the courts, and society will bear the expense of rookies learning "on the fly.
The hardware business has decided to take the lead and bear the expense for its employees.
Families have previously had to sleep on put-me-up-beds or have had to bear the expense of renting accommodation for many months.
41-2(e)(2) if the contract: (1) is entered into prior to the performance of the research; (2) provides that research be performed on the taxpayer's behalf and; (3) requires the taxpayer to bear the expense, even if the project is unsuccessful.
At a time of economic downturn, audits are going to cost more and companies will have to bear the expense of putting in new programs to be in compliance with government and stock exchange rules.
Judge David Anderson said he did not believe the State should have to bear the expense of his incaceration and he should be dealt with in America.
Four centuries of maritime sue-and-labor litigation have created a useful framework for analyzing these Y2K-remediation complaints--a framework that incorporates important assumptions about who should bear the expense of protecting covered property against loss or damage.