bear the expense of

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The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) will bear the expense of 300 men and women athletes and officials while 97 athletes and officials will bear their own expenses.
Moreover, the 49 youth, 20 of whom are involved in rice value chain and 29 in cassava production, will bear the expense of meeting the operational and maintenance expense and also pay 50% of the expense of the machine as significant part of their cost share arrangement.
At a time of economic downturn, audits are going to cost more and companies will have to bear the expense of putting in new programs to be in compliance with government and stock exchange rules.
Judge David Anderson said he did not believe the State should have to bear the expense of his incaceration and he should be dealt with in America.
Four centuries of maritime sue-and-labor litigation have created a useful framework for analyzing these Y2K-remediation complaints--a framework that incorporates important assumptions about who should bear the expense of protecting covered property against loss or damage.
In addition, the company must bear the expense of all taxes on trust contributions and income until the benefits are actually paid, making rabbi trusts expensive.