bear witness to

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We bear witness to this," said the two Musketeers, with one voice.
We bear witness to this," said Porthos and Aramis, in the same manner as before.
Touching those signals, little citizen," said Madame Defarge, sternly, "that she made to the prisoners; you are ready to bear witness to them this very day?
Cruncher as much as I may be able to remember and understand of what you have so impressively said; and at all events you may be sure that I shall bear witness to your being thoroughly in earnest at this dreadful time.
Rebecca was asked to bear witness to a state of mind or feeling of whose existence she had only the vaguest consciousness.
And if ever Barbicane should see the earth again, his notes will bear witness to this great fact in his selenographic observations.
When we bear witness to the lived experience of another and agree to connect, it seems to me that we make space for core human emotions to be expressed.
Summary: The UAE will bear witness to an extravaganza today, with thousands of people across the UAE stepping out with pride, in celebration of the country's 41st birthday.
When Jesus was questioned by Pilate, he explained his life's purpose: "For this reason, I was born and came into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth".
Now those girls are women and their broken bodies bear witness to the cruelty of a regime that pursued gold medals at any cost.
It further says that they also had been mandated to bear witness to a potential that was, however, not at their disposal, something they painfully experienced when their well-intended attempts to heal failed (Matt 17:14-20; Mk 9:14-29; Lk 9:37-43).