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Consequently, heaters, stoves, blankets and winter clothing will be bought to make life in the camps more bearable for the refugees.
THE redundancy of dozens of staff at Kirklees College would be more bearable if things were more equal.
Alan was bearable when he made The Sunday Night Project with Justin Lee Collins.
The 49-year-old said the decade old movie, that led Roberts to bag the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of the legal champion of the underdog, had left her life less bearable.
And, as if the poking and prodding weren't uncomfortable enough, the blunt personal questions can take the situation from bearable to awkward in a matter of seconds.
The family wish a special thanks to go to Minister Michael Fry (St Stephen's, Crown Street) who made a very sad day more bearable.
SO, the barbecue summer didn't arrive and we all feel cheated as we hoped it would make bearable our economic inability to holiday abroad.
So anyone like myself can adjust to find themselves living a bearable life.
Dissipated Assets" are the musings of an everyday man with an appreciation for history, as he looks back on the history of the world and his own life as he picks out what has antagonized him over the years, and what has made it bearable.
Although in a landmark court case, Alzheimer's drugs should now be available through the NHS which make the condition more bearable.
Doing all that plus taking your hayfever medication may help make this a more bearable summer.
The only thing that will make it bearable is if Her Majesty says she's seen the movie and thought it was rubbish.