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Justin Lee Collins was bearable when he made The Friday Night Project with Alan Carr.
It said the best way to make work more bearable was to allow staff to wear less formal, more casual clothing such as shorts and shirt sleeves.
To help make the season of sniffles a little more bearable, one tissue company held a special contest for kids.
However crucial justice and its legal implementation are to making life bearable, companion virtues such as forgiveness, mercy, and clemency are just as necessary, say these American scholars of law, ethics, and literature.
Airlines should take steps to make long waits inside jetliners more bearable for travelers, The Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney writes.
Ninja Gaiden'' was legendary for its difficulty, but it became bearable when players reached a mental zone they hadn't visited in a while.
She is also befriended by a supernatural cat named Pounce, and has a few loyal human friends to make life more bearable.
Incidentally, from within Rome's embrace I do not expect modernity to appear any more comely, but perhaps more bearable.
WHILE MOST ARTISTS try to make the world a more bearable place to live in, Mike Deye tries to tear it down.
Perhaps its effect is best described as the bearable lightness of history.
It keeps us occupied and makes an all-day sit more bearable.