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Even though he were large and bearded she thought he had become suddenly a little boy.
And not merely so, but was it hereditary in him, and transmitted down, as a precious heirloom, from that bearded ancestor, in whose picture both the expression and, to a singular degree, the features of the modern Judge were shown as by a kind of prophecy?
The two sat in the firelight a long time--the old, white- bearded Munchkin and the little boy.
One was bearded, but the other, whose face wore the pallor of long confinement within doors, had but a few days' growth of black beard upon his face.
It lasted some little time, and was characterized (for silences have their character) by a sort of sadness imparted to it perhaps by the mild and thoughtful manner of the bearded official.
The bearded bureaucrat sat at his post, mysteriously self-possessed like an idol with dim, unreadable eyes.
Could we trust a bearded politician less than a clean-shaven one?
Were he to win, he would be only the second bearded person to lead his party.
A month after inmates receive a warden's approval, they will have a new photo made to include their bearded look on an identification card.
SHEEP are a familiar sight on the Rhigos Mountain near Treorchy but one member of the public wasn't expecting to see a bearded dragon.
Many bearded chaps would take offence to this article.
Right after the assassination of El-Sadat, and after Al-Sisi's coup, lots of bearded men were randomly snatched out of their homes, put in jail and tortured.