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Fortunately, while The Beardless Adventurer and Her Inconvenience offers a solid argument for modern-day adventurers to align themselves with a professional publisher capable of reproducing halfdecent maps - most self-publishers' maps are either too small (as is the case here) or indecipherable - the end result is hugely enjoyable.
For instance, the Green Knight in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight insultingly says of Arthur's knights, "No, I seek no battle, I assure you truly, / Those about me in this hall are but beardless children" (279-80).
With the bearded lady's beardless son I make my end-of-summer pact:
Rafsanjani, nicknamed the Shark for his political skills and his smooth, beardless face, had been marginalized in a power struggle with the current Supreme Leader.
It is important to note at this juncture that all the faces are beardless and therefore in marked contrast with the bearded face on the airplane.
For 200 years we've largely been led by the beardless - there's been the odd moustache along the way, but few have dabbled in full-scale facial hair.
Detailed discussion of passages from William Shakespeare, John Lyly, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, and other early modern dramatists provides insights that illuminate Johnston's notable depiction of the dutifully submissive beardless boy--heroine, who parades herself as a pederastic boy in order to marry a bearded man to whom she has 'managed to establish her erotic subordination' (p.
So - O beardless wonder - let men alone who have the courage to ignore people prejudiced against beards, perhaps because you can't grow one, and grow a decent, clean, well-groomed hirsute adornment.
Summary: A beardless Fadel Shaker has emerged from hiding, renouncing the Salafist beliefs that have had the former singer on the run from the law since 2013.
A handsome but follically challenged young man, he decided the time was ripe to restore his honour, battered by years of taunts that follow the barren-headed and the beardless in Pakistan.
We may well see a beardless Victor this week, but he hasn't won this year whereas his fearless compatriot has done so twice and is a much bigger price.