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With a goal to help customers quickly locate the right bearing at the lowest price & providing the best customer service, JSB Great Bearings are serving a wide clientele.
Pacamor Kubar Bearings offers the right bearing at the right price for all your radial, miniature precision, and instrument applications.
Pacamor Kubar Bearings (PKB) announced plans today to release its latest line of ball bearings for high speed dental handpieces.
We are looking forward to offering PKB dental bearings and drive rings to the many dental repair shops nationwide and distributing this product line internationally.
Increasing the bearing life while maintaining a cost competitive position, coupled with prompt delivery, creates a total product package that is highly advantageous to today's medical tool developers and users.
The new website is just one of the ways that we can add value for our customers and continue to excel at customer service in the bearing industry.
The new bearing line offers a variety of retainer materials and designs, which assure the quiet and smooth operation desired by handpiece users.