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Osteochondral fractures involving the bearing surface of the knee joint should be reduced and fixed.
RHA consists of removing all the prosthetic components, including the bearing surface and replacing them with a new prosthesis [10].
SKF's engineers have developed the current version of the new model using tribological models of bearing surface behaviour under different operating conditions, and validated their models through extensive laboratory testing with large groups of bearings.
Standard cross-linked polyethylene, vitamin-E cross-linked polyethylene, carbon fiber PEEK, and titanium carbide all are new materials that require additional tests such as third-body wear testing, particulate analysis, particle counts, morphology, and leaching studies (traditional polyethylene bearing surfaces do not require these tests).
* A bronze-plated bearing surface, positive metal-to-metal sealing, a positive splined drive and a matched gerotor.
The molecules of these oil-miscible, phosphorus-containing, halogen-free ILs have a strong tendency to physically absorb to the metallic bearing surface by electrical attraction.
"As luck would have it," he adds, "the skillet fit nicely onto the lip of an old pot we used for boiling crabs." The skillet's Teflon coating makes a smooth bearing surface for the countertop edging to ride on.
Where one lug shows greater contact than the laterally opposing one, I have developed a means of reducing the bearing surface of the long lug to equalize contact surface between the two.
Visually distinctive, the new wrench pattern features a patented I-beam design that removes material weight while offering an increased bearing surface to help improve comfort and reduce hand fatigue.
This results in a bearing surface. The bullet weighs 52 grains and travels at 1,286 fps.
It is not possible to say that one bearing combination is better than the rest, but one must endeavour to tailor the selection of bearing surface to the patient to ensure satisfaction and the longest possible implant life.
The bearing surface is a cylinder, which provides even contact in the bore.