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If you have proper venting area and depth, along with adequate parting-line bearing surface, that is the most robust solution.
A cross-section was taken through the center of the cup in the frontal plane, and a line was drawn from the center of the bearing surface in the vertical direction.
Nearly 30% said they would increase their use of metal acetabular bearing surfaces.
Biomet is the first company to bring advanced bearing surfaces to the shoulder," said John Sperling, MD, orthopaedic surgeon, Rochester, Minnesota.
The articulation of hard-on-hard bearing surfaces, whether metal-on-metal or ceramic-on-ceramic, is characterized by the phenomenon of thick film lubrication.
While the perfect bearing surface will never be achieved, it is possible to come very close with microfinishing.
These precision miniature brass bearing caps feature a brass alloy that acts as a bearing surface for a steel shaft.
Six 75-mm long, 7-mm diameter oil feed holes are cast in from the main oil passage to each crankshaft bearing surface, eliminating drilling.
Why you should care: The 300L uses a unique slide way design and a low friction bearing surface, which combines one box way for high rigidity with one vee way for high accuracy on both axes.
The prostheses covered include total joint, partial, resurfacing and revision types of implants, as well as trends in bone cement usage and bearing surface technologies.
Contract Awarded for Replacement of the rubber bearing surface on two forward stern tube cutlass bearings and two aft stern tube cutlass bearings for the dredge mcfarland.
I never questioned this standard use of minimal bearing surface back then because it was needed to get the components to function.