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If the Close was below the Pivot Point, it will be a bearish day.
He noted that in August 1987, two months before the crash, 60 percent of newsletter writers were bullish and 19 percent bearish, while in December 1994, right before a market rally, 59 percent of writers were bearish.
Should AMD manage to hold above 22 by the end of the session, we could see the shares begin to fill in October's bearish gap lower, which would be a bullish technical sign for the equity.
This accumulation of bearish bets could help to serve as options-related support during the near term.
If the generally warm December and January forecasts are realized, then the warmer February outlook will be bearish for natural gas prices.
Combined with the very high start of season natural gas inventories, the generally warmer December outlook should be moderately bearish for natural gas prices.
Now for that bearish write-up you've all been on pins and needles waiting for.
This wealth of pessimism could also result in additional buying pressure for XTC, should the index continue its recent run higher and force these naysayers to buy back their bearish bets.
Bearish investors, of which there are plenty, may be tempted to run with profits today.
Before we take a look at my favorite bullish and bearish picks from the sector, I would like to relate an interesting development involving a correlation between the market as a whole and the Select Sector Spyder Energy Fund (XLE) that Bernie Schaeffer noted earlier this morning in e-mail.
In contrast to many of the stocks I have reviewed in this space this week, MU has garnered ample bearish sentiment amid its uptrend, with the exception of the options pits.
A drop below would be bearish and support the bearish scenario discussed in the technicals.