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00 on the short term basis, while holding against the bullish rally and bouncing bearishly will push the price to resume the medium term bearish trend, and the negative targets begins at 100.
The ADI also broke down from a large symmetrical triangle top pattern last week although it didn't perform quite as bearishly as the DFMGI.
00 indicate that bearishly oriented put options are more popular among speculative options traders, while readings below 1.
KUWAIT, Feb 28 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) began the past week trading bearishly with the price index dropping 10.
So far, more than 32,000 of these bearishly oriented contracts have traded on the security, more than quadrupling the stock's average daily put volume of 7,211 contracts.
Despite increase of the Kuwait-15 index in Wednesday's session, 10 points, likewise, the weighted, two points, the benchmark closed bearishly, amid stability of leading stocks and portfolios' trades in a large number of heavyweights, such as stocks of banks and services companies.
Pairs trading is best suited for investors who are bullishly or bearishly biased toward a certain stock, but remain nervous about industry- or market-wide shakeups.
The KSE closed trading, on Thursday, bearishly, where the price index shed 21.
69 reveals a distinct preference for bearishly oriented bets on the Dow component.
It opened the week trades bearishly, contrary to the previous week closing, where the indexes reflected improvement, though investors were largely reluctant.
As a result, put volume has swelled to more than 12 time BIIB's daily average, with more than 9,700 of these bearishly oriented contracts changing hands so far, according to data from our Intraday Volume Explosion List.
Al-Oula, in a report released on Saturday, indicated hefty stock sales and speculations, with the price index closing bearishly at 49.