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Falling prices and rising open interest: If prices fall and open interest rises ( more than its average), it shows bearishness.
Falling prices and rising open interest: If prices fall and open interest rises (more than its average), it shows bearishness. This is due to an increase in short positions that cause a price fall.
Mark McGrainor of Refco Inc., Hudson, Ohio, says his bearishness on copper can be tied primarily to the sickly demand side of the equation.
With a mood of extreme bearishness shrouding the market, most dealers said it was difficult to project when a technical rebound would happen.
The bearishness on the stock market was further magnified by a comment by U.S.
During CERAWeek 2019, the International Energy Agency (IEA) tried hard to capitalize on such an event to inject bearishness into the market when it appeared as a dedicated sales agency to the US shale oil producers.
A mixed session across Asian stock markets spoke of a continued vexed sentiment, with FAANG stocks on Wall Street a prevailing source of bearishness. Japan's finance minister, Aso, attempted to walk the yen lower by arguing that yield differentials warrant higher levels in USD-JPY.
In a report this week, Standard Chartered Bank said a recent survey showed that 'Philippine clients exhibit the most bearishness' as far as foreign exchange is concerned.
If the index drops below the 10,150, this could spark a weakness into the market; the breach could confirm the bearishness of that candle.
These include China's stock market tumble, turmoil in Greece, prospects for a nuclear deal with Iran, rising oil output from Opec, an uptick in rigs drilling for oil in the US for the first time in over six months, and bearishness among commodity-focused hedge funds and banks.
After briefly jumping above the 81 yen line in morning Tokyo deals, the dollar soon gave up its earlier gains and tumbled to the lower to mid-80 yen zone, failing to stop the trend of the dollar's bearishness as many market players believe its weakness is likely to continue before and even after the Fed's policy-setting meeting, dealers said.
Uncertainty surrounding the Obama administration s legislative reform agenda for the banking and healthcare sectors added to the bearishness, along with uneasiness about the United States own ballooning fiscal deficit.