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Falling prices and falling open interest: If price falls along with the above- average fall in open interest, it shows a very short- term bearishness.
But Standard Chartered said that 'Philippine clients exhibit the most bearishness, possibly affected by two years of forex underperformance and protectionist rhetoric from the US.
This serves as an indicator of market participants' bearishness about the U.
Market analysts attributed the fall to global market trends with bearishness visible Dow Jones, Nikkei and Nasdaq.
Inheriting its bearishness, the dollar slipped below the 97 yen line in Tokyo morning trading and then hovered around the 97 yen line on plunges on Wall Street on Thursday and Asian equity markets on Friday, dealers said.
Dollar bearishness was further stoked by growing skepticism about the view that the Federal Reserve may move to hike U.
dollar's recent bearishness against the yen also dragged exporters down, brokers said.