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The ape-men put two of them to death there and then--fairly pulled the arm off one of them--it was perfectly beastly.
Many years ago, when I was a young man, I was taken very ill--I never could see myself that much was the matter with me, except that I had a beastly cold.
Sincerely, then--what should you gain that would compensate for the possibility-- the certainty--of a lot of beastly talk?
Into a beastly scrap of ground which a Turk would reject as a savage abomination and a Caffre would shudder at, they bring our dear brother here departed to receive Christian burial.
You observe that their last care was to fix up these shutters; they appear to have taken the top off the desk to get at 'em without standing on it; but the beastly things wouldn't go all.
And you find some woman, coarse and low and vulgar, some beastly creature in whom all the horror of sex is blatant, and you fall upon her like a wild animal.
His whole air was expressive of constraint and weariness, which our lieutenants of the garrison would to-day translate admirably as, "What a beastly bore
she cried; "they've no dignity, they've no courage, they've nothing but their beastly passions and their brute strength
Little less noise there," Peter called out, determined that she should have fair play, however beastly a story it might be in his opinion.
There's a beastly law in this town that forbids it.
Sir, that Breathitt House, in Atlanta, is a beastly place
As I was saying--and I don't like interruptions," Bruce Cadogan Cavendish proceeded, "it's a beastly funny country over that way.