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however here in Australia the Donkeys that were originally used as beasts of burden by our pioneers, are indeed listed as feral pests.
Roache said: ``For millions of people in the developing world, horses are beasts of burden, the difference between food and hunger, sometimes life and death.
Looking into the issue is a British-based welfare organisation with plans to revive the productive role once played by the desert country's beasts of burden.
The beasts of burden laboured under their owner's whip to drag Miss Richardson from centre stage.
Elephants, which once were the workhorses of Asia's myriad armies and later beasts of burden in the now-banned logging industry, have lost much of their usefulness in the modern age.
Now it's time to pass the torch so to speak and turn these mechanical beasts of burden over to municipal governments where they can continue to serve to the best of their ability.
Like Circe, heterogeneous SANs often change storage administrators into beasts of burden.
Now we're not exactly budding David Attenboroughs here but surely these beasts of burden are naturally equipped for walking days in the desert without water.
38 revolver and the ubiquitous "Mae West" with myriad ornaments pulled on our necks and shoulders like yokes on beasts of burden.
Fortunately for seaside beasts of burden, Intromark Incorporated, Pittsburgh, Pa.
ARSENE WENGER has joined Sven Goran Eriksson in condemning the gruelling work-load that sees England's top players treated like beasts of burden.
The fauna is strange indeed--predatory warlags, glacier worms that hunt hibernating creatures, and six-legged gnus used as beasts of burden.