beat back

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The new shoe leather will be useful for a march up to Capitol Hill and state houses to beat back various threats coming this fall.
Says Mason, pointing out that all but the constitutional amendment were defeated: "We have been able to beat back some of the worst attacks."
Community copper Harry Burn wants to put the beat back into a town's music scene.
In an effort to beat back starvation, the Guatemalan Government is to distribute 985 tons of donated emergency rations to 77,000 people in 10 poverty-stricken towns, reports The New Zealand Herald (Feb.
The challenge for CEOs in 2004 will be to beat back the flames of protectionism.
One man was badly hurt as he beat back flames around his house.
Read the book Prophets in the Dark, the story of how Xerox reinvented itself and beat back the Japanese in the 1980s.
The treatment beat back the cancer in six of the patients for periods ranging from 2 to 24 months.
Fifteen Chinese on an engineering survey ship that sank Friday in Hangzhou Bay remain missing Monday after heavy seas beat back rescue attempts, the state-run China Daily reported.
In both instances, the separatists beat back the Georgian army and now enjoy de facto autonomy.
An overflow crowd began fighting their way through the gates, and Afghan police beat back the crowd with tree branches, strips of rubber, the butts of their rifles and - in at least one case - a grenade launcher.