beat back

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The challenge for CEOs in 2004 will be to beat back the flames of protectionism.
Read the book Prophets in the Dark, the story of how Xerox reinvented itself and beat back the Japanese in the 1980s.
The treatment beat back the cancer in six of the patients for periods ranging from 2 to 24 months.
In both instances, the separatists beat back the Georgian army and now enjoy de facto autonomy.
An overflow crowd began fighting their way through the gates, and Afghan police beat back the crowd with tree branches, strips of rubber, the butts of their rifles and - in at least one case - a grenade launcher.
An overflow crowd began fighting their way through the gates, and guards beat back the crowd with clubs and rifle butts.
The start-ups will need every technological edge available to beat back the major U.
Her heroes often find themselves scavenging on the margins of society: Transients like the ever-present panhandlers - some wily, some industrious, some pathetically desperate - discover ways to battle daily indignities with laughter and small acts of kindness; friends like Nan, "holed up in high-rise hell" and fighting poverty and diabetes, beat back the lure of suicide by simply sharing a conversation with a friend; and strangers like an unknown woman, falling to her death from the Barham overpass, realize they are unable to beat off the lure of suicide "in a metropolis gone mad, where the only politics is survival and success is measured in multiples of zeroes.
Yet not a month later, AMPAC contributed thousands to help pro-tobacco Senators Kit Bond from Missouri and Sam Brownback from Kansas beat back Democratic challengers.
Anne, who is only a child at the time, is terrified, especially when a preternatural event does occur--an evil spirit, identified as Merlin, declares that in this place "the army of Alfred the Fool did beat back the forces of the Danes," putting an end to the glory of ancient Britain and eclipsing temporarily the forces of the earth.
Ohio activists recently beat back regressive changes in workers'-compensation laws.